BTNet Leased Line

Low latency internet access with guaranteed, consistent upload and download speeds on your own dedicated line.

A leased line is a private line. Unlike fibre, you don’t share the bandwidth and we guarantee the speeds.
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Ethernet First Mile/Generic Ethernet Access
2Mbps – 35Mbps

2Mbps – 10Gbps

Description Leased line
EFM – copper connection
GEA – fibre connection
Leased line
Ethernet connection
Typical use 3-20 users (medium) 3-100+ users (heavy)
Service contention 1:1 (fully uncontended) 1:1 (fully uncontended)
Download/upload speed – symmetric 2Mbps – 35Mbps 2Mbps – 10Gbps
Usage Unlimited Unlimited
SLA – service availability 99.95% 100%
Price/month from £152.00 from £575.00
Broadband Connection Voucher saving available